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Rowdy’s TV Trash: Baywatch Nights

We’ve got another excellent episode of Rowdy’s TV Trash for you! The victim target of this episode is the belovedĀ Baywatch Nights. Admit it – you watched it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Tweet Rowdy your thoughts or show ideas at @RowdyCMoore.



Rowdy’s TV Trash: Electra The Elf

Friend to The Scoop Radio, Chris “Rowdy” Moore, has a hilarious web video series called TV Trash over on his site, We find them to be so hilariously entertaining, that we’ve asked for his permission to repost his weekly videos here. Seriously, these videos give us life. You WILL laugh.

This week’s edition takes onĀ The Adventures of Electra Elf: