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The DFW BBQ Scene


I am a food nerd. I appreciate restaurants that put a great amount of effort into providing a food experience for their patrons. I despise local restaurants that just serve you frozen items provided by Sysco Food Service. Why open a restaurant if you are not going to put any passion into it?

This is why I love good barbecue joints, and I have been to some great ones. Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City. Rendezvous in Memphis and the original Saltlick in Driftwood. I only want my barbeque prepared by two types of people:

  1. An older African-American gentleman who despite being around food all day, is about 6″2 and weighs 140 pounds. He should  have a  salt & pepper afro and a substantial mustache. Or,
  2. An old redneck with a pronounced rock-hard belly who chooses to use suspenders instead of a belt, because…well, he really doesn’t have a choice. His face should be purple from being near smokers all day.

The seasonings and sauces these gentlemen use should be homemade recipes so complex that if they did not get it exactly right, they could accidentally create a pipe bomb.

Dallas/Fort Worth has really come out big on the BBQ scene over the last few years, with the openings of Pecan Lodge (now located in Deep Ellum) and Lockhart Smokehouse in Bishop Arts. In Fort Worth, you have staples like Railhead and Angelo’s. DFW is nowhere near Austin when it comes to ribs and brisket….but it ain’t bad. Over the next few months, I pledge to review a BBQ joint every week and tell you exactly what to expect, but until then I’ll give you the scoop on one of my favorites to tide you over: Angelo’s.

My wife’s family introduced to me Angelo’s off of White Settlement in Fort Worth about fifteen years ago, and the place is awesome. If you know someone visiting from outside of Texas, please for the love of all that is holy, do not take them to Sonny Bryan’s or Dickey’s. Take them to Angelo’s in Fort Worth. I know traffic will suck, but it’s worth it. It will give your guests a great feel for Texas. I will post a detailed separate review of Angelo’s for my next post because, let’s face it, I’ll need to go eat there immediately to do some more “research.”

If you have a favorite BBQ joint that you want me to visit, send me a tweet and I will get out there as soon as I can!


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