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One-Armed Flyin’ Ain’t Easy

You know when you are driving your fancy automobile down the road and all of the sudden your hand slips off the wheel and you grab it and freak out for a second and then tell yourself that you’ll never drive with one hand ever ever again?

Now imagine that you’re flying a plane and that same thing happens, only your hand doesn’t slip off the wheel. The lower part of your arm actually comes off.

Now imagine being a passenger on said plane. I believe I would be needing a new pair of pants, and shorts, and a new seat, and I’m sure that the person sitting next to me would want a new neighbor.

The scenario above actually happened to a 46-year-old pilot who was flying a Flybe, 47-passenger Dash 8, from Belfast City Airport to Northern Ireland, when he hit some gusty Irish winds. That’s when the yoke clamp, or the part of his arm that keeps those passengers’ still… alive became detached from his real human arm.

He determined that there wasn’t enough time for the co-pilot to grab control of the stick, so the senior pilot, who has been described by the Flybe airline as one of their “most experienced and trusted pilots,” took matters into his good right hand and landed the aircraft with a series of bumps.

This happened back in February, and I’m sure that none of the passengers have ridden since. And if they have, they’ve likely learned the invaluable lesson of packing extra clothes in their carry-ons.


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8-Legged Evil



Is there anything more frightening than walking into your bathroom after a long night of drinking, playing video games or just being a good human being,  and seeing a big 8-hairy-legged, 8-eyed spawn of Satan just staring at you from the wall of your shower plotting your death?

Well apparently a woman in Wales decided that the only way to get rid of the tiny evil was to purge it into the great beyond with a taste of it’s own medicine. A homemade blowtorch. You know, a lighter, a can of hairspray or other flammable type of aerosol. We all have either done it or been around when a friend showed us how to create one of the dumbest things we could ever create.

Back to the woman of Wales. She ended up setting fire her to house. That’s right her own house. The blaze sparked several advice rendering tweets. One from the South Wales Fire and Rescue offering up a very sound suggestion:

When attempting to remove spiders from properties, please don’t use lit aerosols. NR

It’s not just our neighbors across the pond who have used fire to try to rid themselves of the tiny creatures. Seattle, Kansas, California, and I can almost guarantee that someone in Florida has tried it. A man in California caused $25,000 worth of damage to his house while clearing cobwebs with a flamethrower. So next time you think it’ll be a good idea to try and ARACHNOPHOBIA! an innocent spider in your home, just remember all of this.

With all this being said, if there’s a spider, a lighter, and a can of hairspray near me, you can expect to see me on the news with a look of pure bewilderment wondering how my house caught on fire.


Clif Foster is an Entertainment Contributor for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @CliftonFoster.

Justin Bieber Saves Man


I’m about to type a set of words that not one person on the entire planet would have thought would be typed in this exact order in a single sentence.


Alright, here it is:

A man was saved from a bear attack by a Justin Bieber song. 

There I said it, and I feel gross.

A man in Russia is crediting Bieber’s song “Baby,” in ringtone format, as his saving grace. Igor Vorozhbitsyn, a 42-year-old grandfather, told the Daily Mail he had just parked his car and was heading to his favorite fishing spot when the bear attacked him from behind.

“There was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me.”

After the bear scratched up his face, back, shoulders, and basically throttled the man, Vorozhbitsyn’s cell phone went off, loudly filling the air with Bieber’s dreamy tune. The bear then fled, and I’m assuming that’s because of the sheer awfulness of the music.

Igor says that he is now, and will forever be, a Belieber. Congratulations Justin, you’ve just gained a 42-year-old, bear attack victim as a fan.


Clif Foster is an Entertainment Contributor for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @CliftonFoster.

Be Careful Who Takes Your X-Ray

We all know that politics are not the place for the faint of heart. I mean it’s considered good manners to NOT talk about it at the dinner table. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s a dispute between two candidates. I mean “DUH,” right? However, this one seems to have a new spin.

The Tea Party has been gaining ground and trying to break up the very powerful 2 party system. However, one Tea Party hopeful has taken one in the teabag.

Milton Wolf, a 43-year-old ex radiologist, has been trying to put his past behind him. Several months ago, his opponent Pat Roberts, called Wolf’s Facebook account into the light, where Wolf had posted several x-ray images of patients’ injuries (including fatal gunshot wounds), along with some humorous comments. Back in February, Roberts brought these posts to the forefront and in his new ad campaign, and is accusing Wolf of violating his patients’ privacy. Not surprisingly, Wolf is denying every allegation he possibly can.

I, myself, hate politics, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that someone has posted pictures of x-rays on the internet. I can’t get enough of looking at terrible injuries. For example, the young man from Louisville, Kevin Ware, and just very recently Paul George. It’s not like there aren’t enough terrible breaks to see on the Internet. What’s just a few more?!

Oh, read the entire previous paragraph with sarcasm.

Seriously though, all of us know that if it’s on the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, or any other social media that all those young kids are using, it will be there forever. FOREVER. You know why? They are all part of the Interwebs, or Internet. And as we all know, the Internet will never, ever die.

If there’s anything to be learned by all this. Make sure your doctor isn’t on Facebook, I guess. Good luck Wolfie!


Clif Foster is an Entertainment Contributor for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @cliftonfoster.