One-Armed Flyin’ Ain’t Easy

You know when you are driving your fancy automobile down the road and all of the sudden your hand slips off the wheel and you grab it and freak out for a second and then tell yourself that you’ll never drive with one hand ever ever again?

Now imagine that you’re flying a plane and that same thing happens, only your hand doesn’t slip off the wheel. The lower part of your arm actually comes off.

Now¬†imagine being a passenger on said plane. I believe I would be needing a new pair of pants, and shorts, and a new seat, and I’m sure that the person sitting next to me would want a new neighbor.

The scenario above actually happened to a 46-year-old pilot who was flying a Flybe, 47-passenger Dash 8, from Belfast City Airport to Northern Ireland, when he hit some gusty Irish winds. That’s when the yoke clamp, or the part of his arm that keeps those passengers’ still… alive became detached from his real human arm.

He determined that there wasn’t enough time for the co-pilot to grab control of the stick, so the senior pilot, who has been described by the Flybe airline as one of their “most experienced and trusted pilots,” took matters into his good right hand and landed the aircraft with a series of bumps.

This happened back in February, and I’m sure that none of the passengers have ridden since. And if they have, they’ve likely learned the invaluable lesson of packing extra clothes in their carry-ons.


Clif Foster is an Entertainment Contributor for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @CliftonFoster. Be sure to check out our full site at!


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