Justin Bieber Saves Man


I’m about to type a set of words that not one person on the entire planet would have thought would be typed in this exact order in a single sentence.


Alright, here it is:

A man was saved from a bear attack by a Justin Bieber song. 

There I said it, and I feel gross.

A man in Russia is crediting Bieber’s song “Baby,” in ringtone format, as his saving grace. Igor Vorozhbitsyn, a 42-year-old grandfather, told the Daily Mail he had just parked his car and was heading to his favorite fishing spot when the bear attacked him from behind.

“There was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me.”

After the bear scratched up his face, back, shoulders, and basically throttled the man, Vorozhbitsyn’s cell phone went off, loudly filling the air with Bieber’s dreamy tune. The bear then fled, and I’m assuming that’s because of the sheer awfulness of the music.

Igor says that he is now, and will forever be, a Belieber. Congratulations Justin, you’ve just gained a 42-year-old, bear attack victim as a fan.


Clif Foster is an Entertainment Contributor for The Scoop. Follow him on Twitter at @CliftonFoster.


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